The Protomen

El Corazon and Take Warning Present

The Protomen

Makeup And Vanity Set, Bit Brigade

Thursday, October 4, 2018

7:00 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)

Chop Suey

Seattle, WA

$20.00 - $23.00

Sold Out

This event is all ages

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The Protomen
The Protomen
The eight uniform-clad Protomen deliver epic songs with all the driving fury of the most
bombastic hard rock hits of the '80s, and all the theatricality of the most over-the-top
'70s prog. Queen, Bowie, Genesis, Styx, Springsteen, Journey, and Scorpions are some
reference points for the uninitiated.

The Protomen's storyline begins with the debut album, Act I: Hope Rides Alone, a post-
apocalyptic tale of a dystopian world, followed by Act II: The Father of Death, a prequel,

produced by Alan Shacklock (Meatloaf, Roger Daltrey). Act III is currently still in the
works, but the recent "This City Made Us" track hints at what is to come – "This City
Made Us" drives forward with an '80s hard rock sound worthy of the Top Gun
Since forming over a decade ago, The Protomen have been a favorite at festivals like
Bonnaroo, SXSW, Warped Tour, Bamboozle, CMJ, and Comic Con, and have been
handpicked by Tenacious D to open for them on more than one occasion. Whether
rocking a big stage or a dirty dive, The Protomen deliver a feast for the eyes and ears and
add new converts to their massive following.
Makeup And Vanity Set
Makeup And Vanity Set
After spending months in a bunker composing the soundtrack for one of 2018‘s biggest
podcasts Atlanta Monster, he’s back.
And this time, he’s mad.
No more Mr. Passive-Resistance - he’s out to kick some butt. This is one bad mutha you
don’t want to mess with. He’s a one man wrecking crew, but he also knows how to
There is only one law...HIS law.
Bit Brigade
Bit Brigade
Bit Brigade performs rock covers of full NES game soundtracks as their gamer
speedruns the game live on stage.
"When was the last time you attended a live music performance with a genuine element
of risk involved? And no, going to a Gwar show with a white t-shirt on doesn't count.
When Bit Brigade takes the stage your mind will frantically oscillate between "Oh! Agh!!
Please don't die!!" and "YES! He's doing it!!" Combining the dread and daring of a live
video game speed run with the spot-on technique of a live band covering the musical
accompaniment to everything you're seeing on-screen in real time, Bit Brigade will have
you swinging between the two mediums. From thrashing about to live renditions of your
favorite stage themes, fingers yearning to the sky in a rock 'n roll parody of sea
anemones seeming to silently plead, "Please, feed us more fretboard pyrotechnics!," to
being locked in stock-still rapture as the infallible maestro of the d-pad, Noah McCarthy,
takes on the final boss and risks his video game life under the threat of intense peer
scorn (or the reward of night-long glory and a credits score). No matter the outcome, Bit
Brigade must play on until the deed is done - which it always is - on the first (and last)
try. Once Noah’s NES buzzes on, there's no turning back." - Metalhead Mike of The
Venue Information:
Chop Suey
1325 E Madison St
Seattle, WA, 98122