Fury, Narrow Head, Real at Black Lodge
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Narrow Head, Real

Black Lodge (SEATTLE)SeattleWA
All Ages
They built on the melodic legacy of Orange County.

FURY announce their anxiously awaited sophomore album, Failed Entertainment, coming May 3 on Run For Cover Records — their first release since signing to the label last year. Forming in 2014, FURY have established themselves quickly. They built on the melodic legacy of Orange County by way of heavy, rhythmic, start-stop guitars and frontman Jeremy Stith‘s wordy, referential and poetic lyrics. The album’s lead single, “Angels Over Berlin“, “sums up what love and being a human means to me,” Stith explains. “The give and take, the power to let go of control, the faith and trust it takes to be vulnerable and open to another person’s view as well as open to the inevitable part of love which is grief. Not just romantic relationships, but all relationships; even the one you have with yourself.”

Venue Information:
Black Lodge (SEATTLE)
431 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109